Submission Guidelines

Genres and Length

Novelty Fiction is currently reviewing stories in the multiple genres that are listed at our website. We are primarily interested in works that combine originality of concept, a solid or sophisticated writing style, and a sound grasp of basic story elements (plot, characterization, setting, storyline etc.). Our editors and reviewers have limited tolerance for basic technical errors that detract from the reading experience.

We will consider stories of virtually any length (short story: 1,000-7,500 words; novelette: 7,500-17,500 words; novella: 17,500-50,000 words; novel: 50,000-150,000 words).

Publication methods and royalties

At launch, a story will first be made available to the members of Novelty Fiction Book Club, whether as a download (PDF) or as a discounted print edition. At our discretion, a story may be made available for sale to the general public in print and/or various e-book formats. Short stories, novelettes and novellas may be published in combination with other short works of fiction (magazines, collections, anthologies).

Regardless of the method of distribution and the cost for the reader, the author will receive royalties as follows: Short stories: $0.50 per copy; novelettes: $0.75 per copy; novellas: $1.25-$1.50 per copy; novels: $2-$2.50 per copy. Royalty statements are sent out semiannually (July and January), and royalties are paid annually (January).

Contract terms

Novelty Fiction uses short publication offers and simple acceptance via an online feedback form. We do not ask authors to sign publishing contracts. Novelty Fiction demands worldwide exclusivity covering print and e-book formats. We do not acquire any other rights (audiobook, movie, translations, etc.). The publication agreement continues in perpetuity, until terminated by either party with 90 days prior notice.

How to submit and what to expect

Please contact us via our online feedback form to receive an email stating whether we are able to review your submission at this time.

In case of a positive reply, please send your manuscript via email, by pasting your story into the body of the email message or as a file attachment. 1 story at a time, please. In the email header, please write as follows: “Submission: (Title of your story).” We will endeavor to respond within 4 weeks.

Once we have had the opportunity to review a story, we will let the author know whether we can offer to publish it or not. We may make final acceptance conditional upon revisions to be carried out successfully by the author within a specified period of time. Editorial support, line editing and proofreading will be provided free of charge, as needed, prior to publication.  

This catalog represents a sample of the literary and dramatic works by the featured authors. All works, descriptions, reviews, samples, excerpts, links and other materials are protected by intellectual property rights and made available only for personal, non-commercial use.