A Touch of Mystique

Novelty Fiction's Anthology

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With each story, the mystery deepens...

Each of the six stories in this volume contains elements of mystique. 

Dare to Look, a short story by Peter R. Harris, is humor and horror all at once, and that in a contemporary setting. On a fateful day, one strange event follows another with no end in sight. 

Wake Up the Dead Girl, a short story by Rosalie Montgomery, is an imaginative piece of goth fiction, but not as frightening as the title sounds. The events at the mansion are mysterious, its atmosphere old-fashioned and exotic.

Lunása at Dawn, a short story by Adrian Lavelle, is a finely crafted romance piece, which stays true to Irish tradition; nature and the lovers’ fate are mysteriously interconnected.

Anne DiGeorge’s short story entitled Not Quite Cricket brings us back to a more contemporary and relaxed setting, but the protagonist is not at ease. Frankly, she does not know what is waiting just around the corner.

With her novelette A Heart Harkened, Zehra Ali explores the darker aspects of old-times, provincial family life, which over time results in drastic transformation of a young woman’s character. Again, nature plays its important, opaque role for how people behave and what they ultimately become.

Roman Trend’s contemporary dramatic novelette entitled Martha’s Underworld uses a scenic fishing village as a backdrop when an insurance claims investigator sets out to explore some tragic events and their consequences for an unusual family of four.  

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